I’m assuming that because you hit the “About” link, you want to know what this blog is all about. Well, that’s complicated. It’s mostly about whatever I care to write about at any given time. Right now, I’m inching off a multiple-month hiatus and my priorities might have shifted a little, but here’s some of the stuff I’ve written about in the past:

  •  My Life: Not the mundane details. No one cares what I had for breakfast (I don’t even care). But, when I’m trying something new, or going through something, it’ll probably make an appearance here. Bear with me, please, I don’t subject the blog to this too often.
  • Gaming: specifically, tabletop role-playing. I’ve played and running games since college (and a bit before too, but that’s a long story), and I have (as most geeks do) ideas about The Right Way To Do It. My main dead horse topic is Player Agency and how it relates to every aspect of the hobby I can trace a line to, but I have other thoughts and interests beyond that narrow spectrum (and maybe I’ll get around to mentioning them at some point).
  • Theatre and other art: I’ve been involved in theatre for years and have an appreciation for other art forms (movies, books, painting, video games, etc). While I don’t think I’m going to get in the habit of reviewing things, I may post about more general trends and ideas. I’m in the middle of trying to explain what theatrical lighting design means and what a lighting designer actually does, because no one ever knows.
  • Society: A wise man once said, “Society sucks. I don’t even consider myself a part of society.” While I don’t have the fortitude to live outside of society, I can, will, and do stand on a soapbox and add my blatherings on what’s wrong and right. For those keeping score, Facebook is wrong, and I am right.

If you want to know more about me, head to any of the posts in the “It’s All About ME” Category. Readme: Me is probably a good place to start.

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