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Welcome to my new home (pardon the dust)

I’ve just today finished moving all the posts from my old address over to their new home here at WordPress. Each of them has the tag “From Blogger” to indicate that they pre-date the move. I believe everything transferred over nicely, but if there’s anything that didn’t make the move, please let me know. Most likely misses are links that still lead back to posts on the Blogger site, but missing images, mangled text, misaligned formatting are also possible.

Within the next week or so (hopefully), I’ll start posting again here. I have a whole bunch of “seeds” that I’d created either before this whole move started or while I was in the midst of it. All I need to do is take some of those and start spooling them back out into full-fledged posts.

As the title of this post implies, this blog is still a bit of a work in progress. The WordPress tools are more robust than Blogger’s, which means that they’ll take some time for me to get comfortable with. I’ll probably tinker a bit with the theme and the various nuts and bolts of the layout. Any comment, suggestions, or explanations of what I’m doing wrong are welcome.

To let me know what you think, either comment to this post, or e-mail me at BobbyArcher (dot) Zombie4Hire (at) Gmail (dot) com

A New Feature!

As I write more and more posts, I come across more and more terms that may need to be defined for some. So, to keep from having to define these terms every time I use them, I’m starting a dictionary of terms. This All-Purpose Dictionariopede can be found either at this link, or through the one in the nav-bar above.

If there are any terms I’m missing or have defined poorly, either comment on this post, or e-mail me at BobbyArcher (dot) Zombie4Hire (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know.


I’m planning on posting about role-playing games that I’ve participated in in the past (both as a player and as the one herding the cats). Specifically, I’ll be posting about things I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. As the people I game with are my friends and some of them may wind up reading these posts, I’d just like to make a disclaimer:

With the exception of one disastrous game that I ran myself when I was about 10, I cannot recall a single instance in which I did not enjoy the games I have played. I also cannot recall a game that was perfect (especially the ones I ran myself). Every game had its good points and its bad. In an individual post, I may only mention bad things about a session or campaign. If so, it is because I am writing about a specific quality of the game or of role-playing in general. Please take as written that there were good parts of the game that outweighed the bad. If there hadn’t been, I would have stopped playing. I enjoy thinking and discussing ideas about role-playing, but I don’t want to do it at the expense of the friends I’ve made in this hobby.

Also, while I’ve left character names intact, all player names have been changed in the interest of protecting the privacy of my friends.