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Protips: Attending the Theatre

Before I start with my post, a story:

Last weekend a production of An Enemy of the People that I had worked on closed. As it happened, I had volunteered to be the House Manager for the final performance (for those who are unfamiliar with what a House Manager is, I was in charge of the ushers and generally responsible for handling audience needs). It’s usually not a hard job; the box office and bar are run by the space‘s staff and the ushers come from the Saints, so everyone pretty much knows what they’re doing and I’m just there to make sure nothing goes wrong.

This performance in particular was a little more work-intensive than usual because we had sold out and had people on a waiting list before we’d even opened the house. Fortunately, I had plenty of help and we got almost everyone in who wanted to see the show. Some of the people who’d reserved tickets didn’t show and we got those seats to people on the waiting list. Then we let most of the rest of the waiting list take seats in the aisles and in places with low visibility. In the end, we’d packed in as many people as we could without endangering actors and only had to delay the start of the show by 5 or 10 minutes to do it.
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